luni, 4 decembrie 2017

To be or not to be…polite

I have always been a very polite person. Always tried to please everyone. To take care of their happiness, without thinking how much energy I invest every single day. And at the end of the day I always think: what have I done for me? Have I done something to please myself? Have I done something to make myself happy? Hmm..hard to say. But I can easily reply: have I been polite with the others? Yes, I have been. Like always.
Unfortunately for me, I brought the politeness to other levels. For example, there where so many times that I avoided being straight forward to someone just because I was afraid that I might upset that person. This way I brought so many frustration that today it is hard to get rid of it. But what happens when you take politeness to another level? To that level that you are so afraid to say something because you might hurt someone. That kind of politeness that makes you think about being honest is less important than being polite. How hard is for you to be polite all the time? It is like I forget about myself and my only thought is not to make the person next to me suffer. It is like being afraid to speak, thinking that I might do something wrong. I am stucked now because I do not know how to make things right, for me...

To be continued…   

joi, 26 octombrie 2017

In the end it is all about how much we offer...

What an amazing feeling is to receive gifts. We all love it. Gifts from our families, from our parents, from our colleagues. From everyone. Receiving gifts make us feel important, loved, cherished. What do you think it happens with our brain when we give something? When we offer? All the researches show that our brain produce more ‘’happy hormones’’ after we made something good for someone. After we offered something. There is no neccesry to offer objects or material gifts. Sometimes just a simple call. Just two words ‘’thank you” or even a smile. Smile is our major gift that you can easily offer. I learnt today, again, that being myself might be another gift. How much did you offer today? How much will you offer tomorrow?    

luni, 9 octombrie 2017

The fight of my free will

I have always believed that each person has been made to be good. His initial task has been to be a ’’good person’’. And because of our native and origin construction we would like always to help. Have you ever thought that the other person might not need your help? Or, have you ever thougt about the fact that other person does not want it? Of course not, ‘cause you are too kind to help the others’’. And as you can notice, I was ironic. Despite our biological treasure, we received an amazing gift. This is called ’’free will”. This concept is very well known in the area of philosophy and religion. And I agree upon all the the theories that might support its supremacy in human's life. But, basically, it is all about common sense. It is about being perceptive to the needs of the other. My free will has always dictated my way of conduct, my way of behaving. Even my good intention to say ’’let me help you’’. I will not help you unless you will ask for my help. I will not help you, unless you will come to say that you need me. I will not ask for help, unless your life depends on my help. Otherwise, I might steel your chance to learn your lesson. And today is about lessons. Do not give up on your lessons. Enjoy them!